As a Remote Project Manager with backgrounds in Software Development and Engineering, I am passionate in helping organizations deliver Application Solutions for IT business initiatives. Over the years, I have also held positions as a Delivery Manager working collaboratively with Product Managers. Values of my contribution to organizations are:
  • Targeting best practices in business process modeling, result-driven, client-focused and customer-centric solutions
  • Providing cost savings, revenue generating, improved time-to-market, and value-added services
  • Committed to serve stakeholder best interests and to better meet business objectives
  • Possessing diverse technical expertise along with solid Project Management skill sets
  • Capable of transforming business requirements into technology specifications, bridging the gap between business analysis and solution implementation
  • Aiming to tackle business challenges with tactical and strategic approaches
  • Driven to improve and enhance business bottom-line, yielding profitable Return on Investment (ROI)


Agile Project Managment

Waterfall SDLC Project Management

Transform Requirements into Technical Specs

Customer Experience / Customer Journey Map

Full Stack Software Development

Big Data Analytics / Business Intelligence

Cloud Transformation

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery


Professional Competencies:

Platform Expertise:

DevOps Expertise:



Subject Matter Expertise

Stakeholder Communications

Risk Mitigation and Issue Resolution

Translating Business Requirements into Technology Specifications

Multiple Complicated User Level Requirements

SaaS - Software as a Service

Big Data Analytics Use Cases

Full Stack Software Development Lifecycle

DevOps Management - Continuous Integration and Delivery

Systems Integration

Legacy Infrastructure Migration

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